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New, better Picture

2012-03-13 10:22:44 by LionHeartedLEOS

Nothin else to say, better freakin picture for my newgrounds.

Edit: Sad to say, i just notice the pictures look blurry and smudgy.... Its not my fault! I drew them on my flash animator and couldnt figure how to save a single image to post so i went o... MSP.....

New, better Picture

So Slow!

2011-09-22 19:11:27 by LionHeartedLEOS

Sorry for the late update, things are going slow atm. Scanner busted, dont have good contact with assitant artist Rider, and I currently have artist block for the first time in my life!!!!

I promise soon I will take down all the non finished and cleaned works and will only have my own personal clean pictures that are finished and skyriderx's inkings of my art, aswell as shading and everything this talented person does.

Sorry but production is delayed for about another week or two, but then my girlfriends visiting so it migth be 2 weeks... So sorry!

A new beginning!

2011-09-07 02:24:55 by LionHeartedLEOS

Today, Lion Gaming Studios is officially disbanded! Not enough people people arent backing it and no ones getting involved doing what they are supposed to.

But a new beggining has dawned! As of two days ago on the collab forums I have requested help with making my manga, BeatBoz Ballad!

If you want to be apart of it go to the forums and look for my post, read about it, or just send me a PM on here and I will get to you ASAP if you wanna help out with art or so!!!

A new beginning!

Oh my gosh... finally!

2011-08-11 02:12:28 by LionHeartedLEOS

Finally, the halo movie is on the way in production, sadly its gunna take a long time. In the mean time, I have starte dplaying MHP3rd, and I gott say I love it, i forgot why I stopped playin MH and MHFU. I also recently found a story I started workign on I was really into but lost it and gave up... (in drawing case...) so yeah I was thinking...

I wanted to make it into an animation using flash! But I still am not sure how to use flash so I was goign to draw it by hand frame by frame and ask people to help me clean, color and animate it also voice acting and sound effects. if anyones interested please let me know I have 0 people on board ATM.


2011-06-28 08:55:25 by LionHeartedLEOS

Hello my name is Leos! I am the head of a small litte group called Lion Gaming Studios! He do everything- related to video games! Even some thing not related to video games like anime! you name it, Flash, game reviews, videos, real action movies, manga, comics- Just baout anything! (we are always looking for dedicated members!)

Today marks my first step in newgrounds, which only I am affiliated with at the moment. I just started getting into flash animation and I am very interested, aswell as actual cartoon and anime animation. currently, I am working on a manga called Beatbox Ballad! (message me for more details and if you want a part of it, currently looking for; Inker, cleaner, shade assistint, coloring assitant, about every assistant you can think of or a few who are multi talented.)

We have started a few things on some other sites and where making a Halo fan movie, but the writer scrapped the entire project and made a new script so we are months behind!

In the meantime i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me make a flash animations eries for my manga! I had two ideas; one it would be a well animated and welldone flash animation based off the exact story, two of a lazier animation for joke and comedy related ot the mangawith its characters but used for game reviews and such or other things, or three both!

I am happy to finally have time to join NEWGROUNDS!