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2011-06-28 08:55:25 by LionHeartedLEOS

Hello my name is Leos! I am the head of a small litte group called Lion Gaming Studios! He do everything- related to video games! Even some thing not related to video games like anime! you name it, Flash, game reviews, videos, real action movies, manga, comics- Just baout anything! (we are always looking for dedicated members!)

Today marks my first step in newgrounds, which only I am affiliated with at the moment. I just started getting into flash animation and I am very interested, aswell as actual cartoon and anime animation. currently, I am working on a manga called Beatbox Ballad! (message me for more details and if you want a part of it, currently looking for; Inker, cleaner, shade assistint, coloring assitant, about every assistant you can think of or a few who are multi talented.)

We have started a few things on some other sites and where making a Halo fan movie, but the writer scrapped the entire project and made a new script so we are months behind!

In the meantime i was wondering if anyone wanted to help me make a flash animations eries for my manga! I had two ideas; one it would be a well animated and welldone flash animation based off the exact story, two of a lazier animation for joke and comedy related ot the mangawith its characters but used for game reviews and such or other things, or three both!

I am happy to finally have time to join NEWGROUNDS!


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