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Oh my gosh... finally!

2011-08-11 02:12:28 by LionHeartedLEOS

Finally, the halo movie is on the way in production, sadly its gunna take a long time. In the mean time, I have starte dplaying MHP3rd, and I gott say I love it, i forgot why I stopped playin MH and MHFU. I also recently found a story I started workign on I was really into but lost it and gave up... (in drawing case...) so yeah I was thinking...

I wanted to make it into an animation using flash! But I still am not sure how to use flash so I was goign to draw it by hand frame by frame and ask people to help me clean, color and animate it also voice acting and sound effects. if anyones interested please let me know I have 0 people on board ATM.


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