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Pokemon or Something? Pokemon or Something?

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This feels like a spazkid video. looks like it. The youtube you even linked has spazkid stuff and a pic from sailorman , a spazkid toon. it seems u tried to skyrocket in popularity by copyin COMPLETELY someone elses style with it not just being a tribute. Learn how to animate better with your own art style, come up with original material, and dont steal. Also why the fuck... everyone has been doin a bunch of first gen pokemon vids since pokeawesome came out...

The Fox and the Grapes: No Evil 001 The Fox and the Grapes: No Evil 001

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very cute art, animation was well done, visualization was great. I love the way the fox girl looked, comming form a guy who hates furries- take it as a compliment.

I really like your work and art.

Epexsus Episode 1 Epexsus Episode 1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Ugh... sorry though I appreciate the effort in animatin, things look out of place, the characters look to cutesey to take seriously, everyone looks the same, all the men have the same black hair, no detail in thier bodies to derive them differently, everyones like... anime girly guy skinny...

The story is like Naruto-hungergames and jason put together... A world torn apart by violence where they hunt in a modern society- hunger games. People putting themselves into different tribes that have wierd symbols drawn for each one that related tothe name- naruto. Man in the mask who wants to kill the main character- jason.

Seeing as naruto is a very popular anime in the US and Japan, and Hungergames the movie was such abig thing I can see why it would influence yo without noticing, but still that is all I see in this. A for effort, D and F for everything else. It also seems to start like a generic anime where the hero wakes up from anightmare and is greeted by some hot girl he probably gets with later on or will have a pointless love triangle. The creatures are uncreative, wolevs with several eyes, big devil vreature... i see no originality. Every chaarcter had a marking on its face in some way that makes me thing of kiba or soemthing form naruto...

I think you should re do this, free itself of atleast some of the naruto and hungergames elements, re-stylize your work and give epople definition and better hair styles so not everyones alike, and th emost important thing about this I dislike...

Some scenes skip into the next fast and with no reason, you went form masked murder, to boy runnign and getting knocked out, to a ecplanation to the world, to a nightmare to a boy waking up meeting his friend and seeing another friend be yelled at, to the amsked man stalking them in about 5 minutes. Nothing transitioned well, nothing gave reason towhy this or that happened, he fell and was knocke dout, howd he get home? why a sudden transition to the masked man then him and the girl talking? Its sloppy writing... sorry try again. I cant believe this made it on top list... Seems no one cares if someone rips off many media ideas at once to appeal to an audience.

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Sonic XX Sonic XX

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

as much as i like this i cant enjoy it because i cant get past the chao part lol chao backgrounds tried every hair with ever outfit hit every spot on sonic,,, nothin,

Crystal Story Crystal Story

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I am a huge RPG fan, I have played one of atleast every type of RPG and RPG series out there.

The reason I didnt like this so much, even though it is a great game is because... of unoriginality.

Battle system, level system, item system, and character designs aswell as names are all stolen prettty much or tweaked barely.

Level system- Dragon Quest. Its almost exactly like it, some name changes and instead of stat increases you give buff spells. It even has omnislash for some characters.

Character Designs- Tristam looks like goku, and has his outfit just recolored oraneg n red instead of blue n orange. he has similar hair n face expressions and movements except wields a katana.

Kaeli looks EXACTLY Like Tifa in her redone look in Advent Children Cinema. The only differense is one again re colors, make everything black and vwala. also she wilds a bow.

Phoebe is Ramona from Scott Pilgrims twin, even wields a hamemr and has a weapon names ramona. just recolor and take goggles off.

And finally Reuben... he actually looks very uinique actually... but very bland he wears a t shirt with a long sleeve under adn ahoody he lets down like a samurai coat when he fights... im so so for him.

fighting is just like final fantasys/ dragon quests. But thats not a biggy since thast teh genre so. but allot of attacks are names the same.

Some animations are lazy and when ever someone uses a melee skill or spell they so the same animation, even like frost strike and the frost spell stuff like that they looks exactly the saem just different attack variable.

Even though this is a recurring problem in every video game, you use alot of over used monsters even stole some like slimes. skeletons and other such monsters are to corny but thats not your fault. I only blame you for takine monsts like slime and even having slime king and such.

Walkign around looks really lame how it has oen sprite animation.

I do however love the random dungeon and i like the random weapon stats. it is a well balanced game and its fun but.. i think htat because you took so many elements from other games, which every big game developers so now... I want to see something original for once. Newgroudns opens up a new door to endless possibilities to do that and i was hoping for more.

Anyway in conclusion, this game is fun, and i keep playing but its onlyu good because of others ideas... not yours... you seriously just pieced popular video game rpg mechanics into it.

My suggestion is, REDO your character designs, when you change weaposn the weapon actually changes, make spells and attacks of the saem element and power level so different animations, have them do a unique animation for spells attacks and skills, like when Tristam uses his flam strike he does a kamehameha stance and somehow the enemies slashed then fire spurts out. Make that a sword swing animation but different from the attack one.

If it was your truest attention to mimic final fantasy, dragon quest, star ocean etc then thats sad if not thats uncanny but i doubt u didnt. im sorry if i seem to rough with my criticism but that my opinion. It IS a good game though. Obviously many people like it so be proud but I implore you, please be mroe unique and put in diffferent character designs etc.

If you would like I will provide character designs for you that are unique and not from major manga/anime/video games.

Pokemon Tower Defense Pokemon Tower Defense

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Amazing. Only a 9 though because theres not DRAGONITYE< DRAGONAIR OR DRATINI YET!!! =A=

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Angry face. Angry face.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, I have a new rival! Jk you kick my ass XD

Livestream Jam April 28 2011 Livestream Jam April 28 2011

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuckin dam- I am okay at drawing but I cant make things pop out liek you do, that zero and the kid with thehelmate and laser gun... ugh i never learned shading at school, i just doodled in art lol so my arts to 2d but its.. goodish... 2d... lol

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20% cooler 20% cooler

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Okay, I actually watched My lil ponies magic is friendship to see wtf why so many people where getting into it.

Final conclusion. NOTHING! It is a good and well doen show, but only for little children mostly geared to girls. So MLP:FIM Can go die for all I care.

Regardless, this picture is well done and I love the way you colored and shaded it. The inking looks awsome to. Really like it! (Im probably getting "people thought this review was usless" For sayin MLP:FIM Sucks...)

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TheBurningDonut responds:

I'm not gonna lie I do like the show and the fans are pretty cool to me.

That being said I'm also not going to be one of those OMFG IT'S THE GREATEST SHOW EVER YOU GOTTA WATCH IT type fans.

I like it inspite of it's flaws, and I'll be the first to admit it's not for every one.